And it works now. Then started dropping out sometimes. It took several tries and combinations of clearing caches, editing ktexts, and fiddling with permissions, but it finally worked. Okay it finally gave up the ghost about 12 hours ago. I have also noticed that it will work with one kernel version, then an kernel upgrade will break it, then another kernel upgrade will fix it. Sean McNamara smcnam on Thanks for getting me started Dossy!

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Cisco/Linksys Wireless Network Adapters with Ralink Chipsets – Linksys Updated Drivers

The other possible issue I am seeing is with the data transfer rate. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. A bit of experimentation suggests that it’s a whole lot more stable when network manager is replaced with wicd.

I was thinking to upgrade to The driver doesn’t support this chipset at all, so claiming that it does is just going to deceive users, and possibly interfere with legitimate drivers that might actually work with a wusb6600n, such as the Ralink rtsta drivers on their website.

Oke I did this the way yleclerc explained and it seems to work. July 8, at 5: The driver works for this adapter too, in fact they both share the same chipset: Ralknk have compiled 2.


I tryed converting my product id and vender rlaink from hex to decimal and editing info. It works very well with network-manager and 2. Not only can I confirm that this device doesn’t work in Linux; it doesn’t work in bit Windows 7 either!

Message 8 of 15 21, Views. Yohann, thanks for helping BoboKrull, I lonksys going to respond but am at work and struggling to remember all the steps which I did.

Linksys WUSBN working flawlessly – LAN and Wireless – InsanelyMac Forum

I actually had to get this working on my real mac pro because when i went to the apple store the morons at the genius bar wouldnt sell me the wifi card unless i let them install it, for a nominal fee of course.

Steve Sinclair radarsat1 wrote on I am using Linux kernel 2.

Sean McNamara, this bug was reported a while ago and rallnk hasn’t been any activity in it recently. Also, the rt2x00 project seems to support rt chips now with the rtusb driver. Follow the instructions as he laid out. Arik I can confirm that. I trid this on a G5 iMac running April 9, at I then spent a bit of time messing about with the drivers, and now it crashes every time the driver is loaded and the wifi stick plugged in.

Thanks and regards Wisb600n. So I had to unload an other driver RTsta to make the cards work.


Geeking outProduct placement. Download full text 5. For me it does not work either. Download and follow instructions from Dossy Shiobara May 6, at 9: I’m not sure of the extent of modification to that driver that would be needed to support this card, if it’s even a true rt; but it seems like any company or individual who possesses the hardware documentation and a kernel hacker would be able to get this going.

How to install the Ralink driver for the WUSB600N?

Message 7 of 15 21, Views. But the chance is pretty slim that the is so similar to the that the same driver code can simply be plugged in and expected to work by treating the as a I ran ‘make clean’, ‘make’, then ‘make install’ My wireless-n link is back up but I am still seeing the same issues when streaming AAC from my Windows share.

You should get the notification that you Mac has found a new network device, and the Ralink Wireless Utility should start. Any word from the vendors on this bug? Already have an account?