It doesn’t affect your play but it doesn’t look nice: The DGX seems like you get a lot for the money. I didn’t get it faster on FP If you decide to use an iLok dongle, both V1 and V2 are compatible with our products. For sure not from down facing builtin speakers. We added a software round robin feature for the users that need to play repetitive pieces.

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But they are no “real” acoustic piano actions. I shall pass this useful footage on to my colleagues, and request that they investigate the cause of this issue. We added a few midi controls to the older version.

Now insert the disk into your KS, hold the F2 button and power on. The Close position with a pair of seria, close to the strings inside the piano to provide deep bass and rich resonances.

MIDIbox-to-COM Interface

Kawai announces ES ultra-portable digital piano [ Re: Most Online 15, Mar 21st, Keyboard action, while a bit soft, was still very close to the real thing, so the technology behind the ES is good. I think it’s only a matter of time to get use to it. One is mellow one but even with that you have to play light to avoid serkal brightness or change velocity key settings. This is a wonderfully bright, rich and lively Piano VSTi, with an excellent range of controls and the ability to cut through a mix and remain elegant – awesome sounding and highly recommended!


You can find more info about it here. The DGX seems like you get kawsi lot for the money. Log in Remember me. Well, I had the time on Saturday to go again to the dealer and demo the ES for about half an hour. The velocity amount controls the dynamics, so the minimum volume associated with the lowest velocity. Helf Pedaling is as its name implies what happens when you play with the pedal half pressed. I compared them right next to each other with the sound off, and the P45 was quieter, and to me felt nicer.

KAWAI Häufig gestellt Fragen und deren Antworten

Even a sample ROM of MB is no guarantee for a good sound, because it just gives information about the lenght of the recording, but NOT the quality and sound character.

Frankly saying I’m far from pro player. Very very few synthesizers can exchange MIDI events through an host port. I had just some little time mdii play a demo ES in a local dealer shop.

Something like there’s a weight at key’s hammer that bounces when it hits the kawau stopper. Well I haven’t decided yet but in spite of some early production issues of ES I will probably buy ES with some ext.


My fear about ES key action was dissolved completely. Kawai specializes in pianos. Contains the supplement materials originally included on Floppy Disk with the KW.

Kawai announces ES ultra-portable digital piano – Piano World Piano & Digital Piano Forums

But there is a software, that can do it: Thanks for filling in with this information. Sounds and capabilities are close Thank you and Best to all, Dommie. Beside the obvious key spacing issue, which was not a reason for a return by itself, it had an ugly side-effect: That’s why a PC cannot read the disks.

So, if anyone is interested in weighing in with your thoughts on these nagging questions I have or any other observations or experiences you have I will be most grateful.

Generally piano host ports are made for Flash drives. They also require AC power, and as far as I know neither of them will work with USB keyboards that don’t have mldi compliant drivers.