Any idea on how the battery life would be under average usage conditions? My two other Palm keyboards were Palm branded, one that connected directly to my Palm IIIxe and one of the old-style IR keyboards with four rows of keys. It ALL comes down to driver support for these things, ya know. I’m traveling a lot and not checking into PIC very often, so sorry for the slow response. My width comparison was from the left edge of the “A” key to the right edge of the quotation key.

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That got me thinking.

Sounds like you have the same “old-style” grey four-row IR keyboard that I have. It’s just poorly designed. After having the keyboard only a couple of weeks, keys already started sticking.

Brando Bluetooth Smart Keyboard Review

Does the BT driver seem stable? Size-wise, how does this thing compare with your older Palm-branded IR keyboard? Does the metal holder thingie have a provision for devices in landscape mode? Could they see everything I was typing? After listening to some conversation between them, it became quite apparent they didn’t really have any idea, and I got the “OK”.

Don’t we have this already? This is accomplished by first sliding the left half of the keybaord over to the left. Wow, a whopping One of those is the ability to assign hotkey combinations to launch different apps. Interestingly, as I turned on my Palm TX Bluetooth, I located a bunch of other electronics transmitting a Bluetooth signal, including someone’s Brnado or so it was named. For some of you who are already used to undersized keys, this might not be a big deal at all.


That is because of the metal tab used to pull the stand out of the unit. I like a lot of the stuff sold by Brando Workshop, but this keyboard doesn’t seem quite up to par. Account Register Log in user: Since this keyboard is usable with a number of different devices cell phones as well as PDA’sextra-small might be what a lot of people are looking for.

A second function key is available to launch the Palm apps assigned to the four hard buttons and to activate hotkeys and a few other functions bgando well.

Brando Bluetooth Smart Keyboard Review

I suppose that I might be able to get used to it if it was something I used very regularly. The PDA will kfyboard sit level and will slide forward into the 30 degree position if placed on the tab.

PalmInfocenter is not responsible for them in any way.

I thought the III form factor IR keyboard was perfect, and this one is bigger than that, but is harder to use. The CD arrived with the device but is unreadable.

3mm Bluetooth Keyboard with Case for iPad Mini

Open, it is about two centimeters longer. If you put the palm in normally, you can’t use the wire holder to hold it in place, or it keyboafd press against the buttons on the Palm at least with the TX What you have to do is set the handedness to left so it will rotate the screen the proper direction because apparently a four braando rotation was impossible, you can only have three, and only one per “hand”.


I hate the palm cradle type thing. I’d hate to buy one of thse suckers now and have it broken by a future FrankenGarnet device only to not see any updated drivers–that’s the main reason I’ve stuck with Palm’s own keyboards so far but I’d really prefer BT over IR.

Anyway, once you’ve got it rotated okay, it’s fine. Regarding your questions, here’s my take. The key action was preferable on both of those units over this Bluetooth keyboard. Typing with the keyboard is not quite as pleasant as I had hoped.

It makes it too difficult to operate the keys the way I expect. I need full-sized keys.