How do you rate this document? In general one branch over a microphone placed in front of the amps or voice, or digital piano online, or mixing desk on which you plug the microphone jack the battery it is also possible to connect two tables above to mix eg separate tom mics and overheads to deal with two separate tracks via software. If you want to something in the Mbox series but with more inputs and outputs you should consider looking at the Mbox Pro. I use it with my Clavinova CVP but especially with virtual instruments. There is my clavinova CVP is plugged into the two audio inputs. Related Articles Mbox Drivers. Yes What you get lag?

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With protools 9 via an alto console For what purpose? Related Articles Mbox Drivers. The value for money is very good though especially in bundle Pro Tools.

This does not bother me in any way if the standby Windows was not a concern since the card no longer works. But if you are considering buying the Mbox Mini 3 then it’s likely you’re not interested in having a big setup, so that’s not a big deterrent. So far the performance has been phenomenal.


Support for Pro Tools I’ve also tinkered with it in Studio One. That’s what motivated my choice! I record only one track at a time which is perfectly fine for my use.

Whether this is connected with a DI or acoustic guitar with a microphone that takes it, the result is very, very good. If I would do this choice, for the price, yes, for ease of use not made because of having to reboot every time the PC is really annoying in the long run.

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This unit cannot be racked nor is it portable which caused some issues for us. The driver is flawless and perfectly stable that either Seven or 32Bts 64Bts. I use mostly the XLR input to avif audio from my condenser mics and it works great. On latency I do not feel a listen.

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What characteristics have motivated mboz choice? I have a tuning 5. The computer I run this on is a current gen i7 k with an AsRock mother board, 16 gigabytes of ram and an ATI graphics card.

Previous versions of mvox Mbox had issues working in DAW’s besides Protools, but this one works in everything I’ve thrown at it so far. These knobs also have a “push-pull” to remove 20db, practice!


Latency is zero in any case inaudible. Request a new review. Music is a passion we gain more time-time better.

By using our services, you agree to our use of abid. I had a heck of a time trying to get this MBox Mini 3 to work with Sonar. It has not disappointed me to date and it’s worth every penny it costs. It also comes packaged with quick setup guide and ProTools LE 8, which is an added bonus.

The configuration interface is basic: Mmini never update or proposed to do, so simple. But I still tested.

The Mbox 3 Mini is a mid level, high quality 2×2 audio recording interface for musicians. A good quiet twenty Are they often updated? As always in Pro Tools, you pass by the window asi engine” to select the desired interface and go!

It’s got a very compact and accessible design, and is really easy to use. Which instruments and systems console, preamp, DTD I do not like it is not made known Output standby aiso.