I heard they do at the cost of displaying half the image onto each eye. I suspect the missing option is indicative of the problem too. Remove Advertisements Sponsored Links. With this mod, I found the following:. Yes, I have read the countless threads. Fri Feb 20, Hi Tulli , I own three Qumi Q7, they will be used for a racing simulator.

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My Windows 8 was somehow corrupted. I just thought it was looking at the monitor and asking “what audio streams do you accept?

Real blow, i have a gtx ti and i only got like 25 fps in sniper v3 at max settings and really Bad ghosting….

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So that tutorial cannot apply to me. They are used by LG passive TVs that have the Dual Play feature 2 video game players on the same screen in full screenbut they should work with any passive 3D tv they work on my Spectre TV just fine, and AFAIK, all 3D passive lenses make use of the same polarized passive technology.

Originally Posted by Tulli. The computer thinks that the Samsung TV is stereo audio channels only when right click and click configure overrire.


Nvidia 3D Vision – Huge Improvement on Passive 3DTVs (EDID Override)

If you use audio over HDMI from your PC to your receiver and use the method mentioned in this post, you will lose audio output from your computer. This is the advantage of using native resolution with native 3D display edkd. Right now, the limitation lies in interface bandwidth. Ive gone into “moninfo” and here is what is reported when enter the program.

I think its more around 1ms-4ms.

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Thank u both guys. None EDID revision Everything about displays and monitors. No CE video capability data CE scan behavior Also oberride that this fix will disable audio over HDMI. Not supported Color characteristics Default color space You don’t even need to delete the custom resolutions actually.

Have you tried Tridef DDD?

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It’s virtually impossible without an Ecid video card without the “select when display is in 3d mode–always to get 50hz and 85hz to strobe. Ive read through many posts on the internet and someone over on another forum recommended me to come here for your expert advice or a possible solution.


How about the picture of the girl with purple hair and two ponytails? Just to be sure, here are a couple of screen caps to show what I am seeing.

Next, try adjusting your TV sharpness setting. Correct me if I am wrong. You can also reduce crosstalk by reducing the 3D depth.

I also posted the active registry results from moninfo. Because of bandwidth limitation by the TV only 2 channels of uncompressed audio are possible.

Im using win 7. Because it is rated excellent? I tried tridef as it came with my 27″ passive lg monitor but I didn’t like it.

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The realtime EDID capture is attached. Normal p works nice and fast with this mod. I could change it to 3D by pressing the 3D button on my LG remote, but besides that I could not do eid else….