Did you ever get this problem fixed? I will check out windows device manager tonight to see if any errors are sitting there and take advice from this thread. Wednesday, March 21, 4: What would be the one you think might work, and if I place it on the wrongs ones could it damage my hard drive? Tuesday, April 10, 2: For some reason it also has another instant of the SATA controller trying to install itself again be aware that this is the installation that keeps failing. I’ve never tried entering Raid but on that screen it shows the same few lines twice.

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Sata hdd wont boot up correctly. Please help.

As daggen said – please write in steps. This time I would to windows update to stop prompting me, the 43779 update is not available since tried to install the driver. I tried the fix of rolling back to the original driver and it worked fine, but then I installed 2 updates to the driver successfully and then the third came up as before and did not install correctly again.

You may also have other SATA ports. It doesn’t have a digial signature and on the properties it says Medley and not ATI etc.


Has anyone found a fix for this problem yet? System Restore after the Repair Mode got my machine up and running again but it took about 3 weeks to get it back to normal.

So, I’ve followed all the steps until 6. Windows Vista Hardware https: I have the same problem with the Tuesday, June 19, 6: Thanks a million sh0e I managed to get the computer to start by finding a restore point under the advance settings.

Im not sure which pins it should be on anyways if any. Unzip the driver file into a directory. The adaptability of the ATI Serial ATA Controller makes it one of the most efficient sound and control chips that provide the highest level of sound wata and as well as other features of similar devices in the computer accessory market.

Tuesday, October 14, 4: Thursday, November 27, 5: Is there any way to just stop the driver from trying to install block it?

I usually take all updates from Microsoft, even the optional ones. This restore did not fix it. I am having same problem hope someone figures this out. If I where to download the Southbridge Raid Driver again and install it would it mess up my comp if it was already installed? Its a Logo of the chipset. Now it doesn’t even do that.


My mBoard is kind of old. I installed all of them, but now the computer blocks on starting Vista: Monday, December 08, 7: I may be slow in answering, but I will get to you. I have same problem on my Aspire too, but you can probably live without looking the notice. There is a screen with that choice on it.

Sata hdd wont boot up correctly. Please help.

I just bought my harddrive 2 days and no one I know could help. How we can remove the message the system has the same ati sata-controller for this device?

You do this by rebooting and pressing either the F8 key, or the Ctrl key I can’t remember which. I also heard other people saying stuff about formating.

I was hoping I could give a little info here for some people with the Acer Aspire and the problem with the ATI serial controller that keeps showing up as an optional szta.

Wednesday, August 8, 1: